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Product manufacturers spend millions of dollars to get architects to specify their products on blueprints. This has been proven very effective – often considered the Holy Grail of construction marketing. Roughly 85% of products specified on blueprints are purchased.

Suppliers and retailers of building products struggle to directly access the $276 billion professional contractor market. In the entire, $3 trillion building industry, $100 billion is wasted through mistakes. Mistakes are made by architects who update the design and not the schedules. Mistakes are made by the builders who read the plans wrong. Mistakes are made by vendors who read the list wrong or key the order in wrong. The process is fraught with mistakes.

The 1ST Pricing technology allows the architect to update the design and all of the construction documents simultaneously. The builders can access the updated information immediately with real-time pricing. The products can be purchased online without having to re-key the order. Everyone is operating off of the same page.

We call it selling outside the box. Imagine that you are providing a custom, precise quote of multiple products that meet the customers’ exact needs. Then, they can purchase the product online and the products are shipped directly to the jobsite from the manufacturer without ever being touched by your employees. Additionally, your employees are not making any mistakes in entering the order.

So you are giving precise quotes all day long, people are buying online and the product is being shipped to the jobsite from the manufacturers with no errors – what a concept! Even better, it is not a concept, it is real and effective and available to you today. It is a closed-loop supply chain solution that uses the best practices of CAD, Web Services and eCommerce.

Those with the leanest supply chain and the most efficient means to execute their business gain a significant advantage.

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