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First-Ever Real-Time Pricing Search
Engine for the Building Industry


NOVEMBER 18, 2004: Signal Hill, Calif.—1ST Pricing’s newly released BIM Pricing Tool, the first real-time pricing search engine for the building industry, has taken a labor-intensive, error-ridden and weeks-long process and condensed into an accurate, user-and consumer-friendly process that can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Ideal for those taking advantage of BIM-enabled CAD software, this revolutionary tool captures the details of various objects in architectural plans (such as a windows and doors). It then reads the plans, pulls real-time, zip-code-based, delivered-to-the-jobsite pricing from multiple manufacturer databases and then automatically creates an electronic bill of materials. The tool automatically populates an online shopping cart making mistake-free order fulfillment a breeze.

"We’ve taken an emerging technology—the world of building information modeling (BIM) and added a logical element, pricing" said Douglas Lopez, President of 1ST Pricing. "A real-time pricing and fulfillment-enabled search engine was really the missing link preventing BIM from practical use."

With 1ST Pricing’s BIM Pricing Tool, a consumer could sit down with a contractor or architect and literally select the style and price of each window or door from multiple manufacturer databases in real-time.

1ST Pricing, an Autodesk® Authorized Developer, has developed its free BIM Pricing Tool to work with several industry-leading Autodesk platforms. The BIM Pricing Tool is compatible with AutoCAD 2005 and Autodesk Map 3D™ 2005, as well as Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2004. For compatibility with earlier versions of the products listed above, please check the BIM Pricing Tool product information sheets.

BIM Pricing Tool is also available for IMSI's TurboCAD Standard and Pro. 1ST Pricing plans to release plug-ins for other CAD applications later this year.

About 1ST Pricing

1ST Pricing is a technology company that has taken a revolutionary approach to providing intelligent business solutions to the building industry. Their technology supercharges CAD programs to include real-time pricing in a full service supply chain solution. To download the free BIM Pricing Tool or for more information, visit www.1stpricing.com

About Autodesk®

Autodesk® is the world's leading design software and digital content company, offering customers progressive business solutions through powerful technology products and services. Autodesk® helps customers in building, manufacturing, infrastructure, digital media, and wireless data services fields increase the value of their digital design data and improve efficiencies across their entire project lifecycle management processes. For more information about the company, visit www.autodesk.com

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