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1st Pricing Scheduler for TurboCAD Help Page

Grid Pattern Types

Minimum Sizes for Grid Patterns

Window Type Minimum Width Minimum Height
Half Vent 47 1/2 23 1/2
Single/Double Casements 47 1/2 23 1/2
Single/Double Hung 26 47 1/2
Fixed/Picture  Windows 23 1/2 23 1/2
Full Casement/Awning 23 1/2 23 1/2

Standard Grid Pattern - All windows and doors are available with standard grid patterns. This popular pattern consists of evenly spaced horizontal and vertical grids crisscrossing the entire window or door glass area. These grids are spaced 12 inches apart so the larger the window the more grids will be present. An example of a picture window with a standard grid pattern is shown below.

Custom Grid Patterns - These decorative patterns have a set number of grid divisions and are defined by how many individual glass sections, called "Lites" are present in the window measured either per panel (pane) or overall.

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Pattern 1
6 Lite per Panel
12 Lite Overall

Half Vent
Single/Double Casement
Double Awning

Single/Double Hung
Top/Bottom Casement
or Awning
Pattern 2
9 Lite Marginal Per Panel
18 Lite Overall

Half Vent
Single/Double Casement
Double Awning

Single/Double Hung
Top/Bottom Casement
or Awning
Pattern 3
Double Vents
Double Casement
with Center PW

Pattern 3A
15 Lite Overall

Pattern 3B
21 Lite Overall

Pattern 3C
27 Lite Overall
Pattern 4
Half Vent Above/Below PW
Double Bottom/Top

Pattern 4A
14 Lite Overall

Pattern 4B
18 Lite Overall

Pattern 4C
27 Lite Overall
Pattern 5
Double Single Hung
Double Double Hung

Pattern 5A
16 Lite Overall

Pattern 5B
24 Lite Overall

Pattern 5C
36 Lite Overall
Pattern 6
Double Single/Double
Hung with Picture Window
Bay Window with
Single Hung Flankers

Pattern 6A
15 Lite Overall

Pattern 6B
33 Lite Overall

Pattern 6C
45 Lite Overall

Radius Window Custom Grid Patterns


Half Round Special Shape Sliding/Hinged Door

Pattern 7A

Pattern 7D
 Arch Top Grid

Pattern 1
Multiple Panel

Pattern 7B

Pattern 7E
Rake Grid

Pattern 2
Multiple Panel

Pattern 7C

Pattern 7F
Peak Rake Grid

Pattern 8
Single Panel

Pattern 7H
Sunburst Grid

Pattern 7G
Octagon Sculptured Grid

Pattern 7J
Full Circle/Octagon 


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