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1ST Pricing is dedicated to providing useful and innovative technology to the building industry. For years, people have been talking about “intelligent” or “smart” symbols. We have them - and much more. We can provide you with smart symbols or we can link to yours – you make the call.

The CAD industry is working feverishly toward a new design model with many different names - PEN (Parametric-ENabled), BIM (Building Information Modeling), Virtual Building, Building Lifecycle Management, Building Simulation, even 3D (versus 2D). What ever you want to call it, the benefits are real. The only problem is that they stop too soon in the process. 1ST Pricing takes it the rest of the way.

We have developed an architectural CAD add-on technology that delivers tremendous efficiency tools to architects and other designers, a practical project management service for contractors and an effective advertising channel for building product manufacturers.

October 2004 we introduced the window and door toolkit for AutoCAD®, Architectural Desktop™ and Autodesk Map®. More information can be found here.

March 2004 we introduced TurboCAD Version 9 with 1ST Pricing’s technology that offers windows, skylights, entry and interior doors. This was followed a year later with TurboCAD 10 Professional and Deluxe. More platforms and products are coming soon.

The end results of our patented technology are detailed product schedules that are generated automatically - complete with comparative pricing and fulfillment options. This removes the responsibility from the designers to manually create a schedule or semi-manual schedule assistants that most companies employ or are working toward.

For example, when a designer drops a window into a drawing, they use our architecturally accurate (2D & 3D), brand generic, "smart" parametric symbol. Immediately, a configuration box opens that requires them to specify all details - height, width, color, glass, material, etc. – the graphical representation coupled with the attributes makes the symbol an “object.” When the drawing is complete, the designer enters the zip code of the project and clicks a button. We count all of the objects, build a schedule and access our website for vendors and pricing in that zip code. This takes about 20-30 seconds. Additionally, electronic versions of the product schedules are stored on our server for remote access by anyone involved in the project. Today we quote windows, doors, skylights & acrylic glass block. By Q4 or Q1 we expect to be quoting 65-70% of all building products in a plan. We also have the e-commerce technology to complete the transaction.

Currently, we are pre-packaged in TurboCAD and in beta-testing with AutoCAD®, ADT and AutoCAD® LT. We are an authorized AutoDesk developer and we are in talks with several other architectural CAD software companies. We would like to have your software be part of this program.

We are not trying to sell you anything - we want you to include the 1ST Pricing plug-in with your software. Your customers will love it. Here are some of the benefits that they will enjoy:

• Increase your Construction Document productivity
• Share Construction Documents easily
• Reduce Errors
• Easy Changes and Updates
• Provide added value to your client
• Gain more control over the project
• Gain a competitive advantage over your competition
• Make the process more enjoyable

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